visualisation tutorials

This set of tutorials will take you through the tools for building visualisations. Theer are several nodes that allow you to present data graphically:

  • Chartify
  • Listify
  • Webify
  • UIBuilder

All of these can be hooked directly to the app node which will present the visualisations in the databox dashboard. Note that if you want to create svg-based visualisations using the UIBuilder, we’d recommend using a graphics package such as Inkscape or Affinity Designer.

tutorial node used description example name in sdk
freememory chartify this takes the number of bytes free from the osmonitor node and displays it on a bar chart databox.tutorial-freememory
light gauge uibuilder this takes the light reading from sensingkit and renders the value on a svg gauge databox.tutorial-light-gauge
trump clock uibuilder this renders a doomsday clock whose values change based on the sentiment score from tweets databox.tutorial-trump
accelerometer trail uibuilder this renders the x and y values of an acclerometer as over time. It uses more advanced uibuilder features databox.tutorial-accelerometer-axes