the sdk containers

There are a bunch of containers that the sdk uses, and this is a listing of what they are, what they do and where they can be found:

container repo description
tlodge/databox-sdk This is the sdk container, it serves up the dev environment and reads/wriets to github, appstore and registry as appropriate
tlodge/databox-test-server This is the container that runs tests for the sdk. The base image is tlodge/databox-test-server-base. Node-red instances connect to it to send data, which it then sends to a the client over websockets.
tlodge/databox-datasource-mock This is the container that creates mock data for testing. The base image is tlodge/databox-datasource-mock-base.
tlodge/databox-red This is the base images used to build TEST containers. It is an instance of node-red alongside the nodes that are supported in the SDK. The nodes can send messages to the databox-test-server over json-sockets which send messages to the client over websockets
tlodge/databox-sdk-red This is the node-red execution environment and webserver that is used to create a databox app. Node-red nodes can communicate with the webserver over json-sockets, and the webserver then pushes messages to the client over websockets. The base image is tlodge/node-red-app-webserver-base
tlodge/databox-app-server Only used when running a cloud version of the sdk, and can be superceded by
tlodge/mongo Mongo server for saving users
tlodge/redis redis server for persisting sessions